Home Groups

Home groups are an important part of the Christian life. We meet together on Sundays for corporate worship, for prayer and to hear God’s word read and taught. We also meet together in homes to be connected and accountable to each other as we study God’s word and pray together. This is an environment where we can minister God’s grace to one another and work together in mission. In a nutshell, home groups are a community for discipleship, care, worship and mission.

There are various groups that meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly and cater for different people. If you want to join a group contact the church office and we’ll organise for someone to contact you.


At Singleton Baptist Church we want to recover biblical manhood and encourage men to step up and be leaders. Leaders of their family and leaders in the church. Being a man is about taking responsibility.

We have various ministries for men and their sons including:

  • Fortnightly bible study
  • Monthly Men’s breakfast
  • Yearly Man Camp


We have various formal and informal ministries specifically for women. These include:

  • Women’s retreats where there is a chance to connect at a deeper level and teaching input through group studies or a speaker.
  • In association with the mainly music mums there are evening meals and other social activities.
  • There is a group of women working through the Bible Study Fellowship material. Contact us for more information on getting involved.


In the spirit of God’s promise to King Solomon we desire to humble ourselves before God in prayer and to seek his face for our lives, for our church, for our community and for the nations. We do this personally, in corporate worship, in home groups and we set aside times during each week specifically for group prayer. We desire for God to move in a mighty way in Singleton. Seeking God in this way expresses our humble dependence on him to act and he gets the glory.

Join us on Tuesday mornings from 7:15 – 8:00 am