Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-7) challenges us to live the Beautiful Life! The Life that is Radically Countercultural, Humbly Dependant and Christ Exalting. He calls us to turn our understanding of ‘Blessed’ on it’s head, to see what it means to live within His Kingdom rather than our own; to be called to Life itself and all that means. Through this 24 week series Jesus not only challenges us on the way we are to think but on the reality of the kingdom life worked out day to day in our relationships with our God, our family, our friends and the people we connect with. Join with us from Sunday 15 February 2015 as we allow Jesus through His Word to confront, convict and change us! For Our Good and for HIS GLORY! Refer to the Preaching Schedule for more details.The Beautiful Life

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